Steve Friess

  1. long vs. short
    Long vs. Short: Has Netflix Peaked?Subscribers are down. Friends is on its way out. Depending on whom you listen to, those developments are either harbingers or blips.
  2. long vs short
    Long Vs. Short: Is Chipotle a Healthy Investment?The stock has doubled in the past year — but the shadows of past PR disasters linger.
  3. long vs short
    Long vs Short: Can Wynn Casinos Recover From Steve Wynn’s #MeToo Scandal?The stock is down by half since the Vegas icon and Trump crony exited the company in disgrace last year.
  4. long vs short
    Long vs. Short: Can Walmart Compete in Amazon’s World?The company’s stock is near an all-time high, but some investors are wondering if the optimism is warranted.
  5. long vs short
    Long vs. Short: Can Ford Survive in a World of Self-Driving Cars?With the stock at a nine-year low, and the company heavily affected by Trump’s trade policy, two investors make the bull and bear cases.
  6. las vegas shooting
    What, If Anything, Does Paddock’s Gambling Have to Do With the Vegas Shooting?With no tangible motive for the attack, much of the focus has been on the gunman’s high-rolling lifestyle — and that’s left many in Las Vegas nervous.
  7. las vegas shooting
    Trump Didn’t Do Anything Weird During His Trip to Las VegasOkay, maybe one little thing. But otherwise he was a subdued consoler-in-chief to the shaken city.
  8. las vegas shooting
    Gambling Industry’s Largest Convention Kicked Off Right on Schedule in Las VegasAmid upbeat talk there were small signs of distress, like a woman in body paint weeping by a slot-machine booth.
  9. las vegas shooting
    Las Vegas Has Been Dreading Mass Violence for a Long Time“We’ve always been a soft target.”
  10. international affairs
    How Netanyahu’s U.S.-Based Digital Gurus Helped Him Pull Out a Surprise VictoryUsing Facebook to target voters and WhatsApp to get them to the polls.
  11. vegas baby
    Las Vegas Finally Gets Into the Gay-Weddings GameBut did it lose its chance to become a leading destination?
  12. equal rites
    Conservative Judge May Become Gay-Marriage HeroThe Sixth Circuit’s Jeffrey Sutton is an unlikely swing vote.
  13. remembrances
    ‘I Want to Be Original’: My Afternoon With Elaine StritchShe’ll write her own epitaph, thank you very much.
  14. chat room
    Erich Bergen on Jersey BoysAn actor fired from the Jersey Boys musical finds redemption with the Jersey Boys movie.
  15. postmortem
    Julia Collins on Her Impressive Jeopardy! Run“I don’t really have a ton of things to say to the Twitter universe.”
  16. trivial matters
    What’s Behind the Unprecedented Run of Female Jeopardy! Winners?Julia Collins has racked up 18 straight victories, the third longest streak ever.
  17. blame canada
    How Much Did the Government Pay for Obamacare’s Broken Website?$515 million, according to one government official.
  18. One Man’s 21-Hour, Glitch-Filled Battle to Sign Up for ObamacareBots can be so cruel.
  19. grand dames
    Elaine Stritch Is Going to Be Happy in DetroitAnd she thinks Tina Fey is attractive.
  20. GOP Operatives Are Studying the Obama CampaignAt first they hated it. Now they love it.
  21. awful things
    The Worst Reactions to Chelsea ManningEveryone is terrible.
  22. Did Sunny Obama Begin Life As Pink, a Well-Bred Puppy From a Republican Home?She’s adorable — but she has secrets.
  23. What Opens in Vegas Closes in VegasSix reasons Broadway isn’t boffo in Sin City.