Steve Knopper

  1. how to write a song in 2018
    The Songwriting Camps Where Pop’s Biggest Hits (and Personalities) Get CraftedThese camps, or at least the collaborative songwriting process, have fundamentally changed the way music sounds.
  2. movie trailers
    Bwoom! Bwah! Thwip! How a Handful of Sound Effects Took Over Movie TrailersAs sound editors explain, movie trailers are a copycat business.
  3. cracking the voice
    How Young Singers Deal With Getting OldFrom Justin Bieber to Taylor Hanson.
  4. tales from the road
    Concert Promoters Share Their Guns N’ Roses War StoriesWhat it was like to be caught in the middle of the band’s whirlwind.
  5. The Great Rock-and-Roll Swindle?It’s 2003, you’re Ricky Martin, and Sony Music has just dropped you like yesterday’s Gin Blossoms. But you can always pull a Prince and sell alb […]