Steven Gaines

  1. I Used to Be Quite the Ladykiller — Especially for a Gay GuyAdventures in conversion therapy.
  2. beta male
    I Used to Be Quite the Ladykiller — Especially for a Gay GuyAdventures in conversion therapy.
  3. obit
    The Cynthia Lennon I KnewA story with a twist.
  4. Psycho Scions RampageWanamaker princess’s big pink party turns into drunken riot.
  5. beaches of mammon
    Who Owns the Sand? Beach Squabbles in East Hampton Property lines that shift with tides and lawsuits.
  6. Ivana Lowell, Sober Guinness Heiress Raised by Poet, Says What HappenedIt’s a beautiful, sunny late-summer afternoon in Sag Harbor, but for a moment Ivana Lowell’s gone someplace dark. We’re sitting at a table on th […]
  7. hamptons
    Recession, Hamptons StylePeople are really hurting.
  8. The Beaches of MammonOver thousands of years, sediment from Montauk’s cliffs has swept west in the Atlantic tide, causing the Long Island beach to gradually creep outward.
  9. 87 Minutes With Alexa Ray JoelIt’s never easy to get noticed when you’re the daughter of superstars. But with a catchy new single—and a new nose—she’s flirting with fame at last.
  10. The Envelope PleaseSylvia Miles, famous ex-Warhol actress, is hungry.
  11. 47 Minutes With Peter PetersonOn an idyllic summer afternoon in the Hamptons, the Blackstone Group billionaire reflects on philanthropy, the “old man’s death,” and his daught […]
  12. The Bernie Madoff Real-Estate AgencyScammed clients look to sell.
  13. Joy Behar’s Big Break“Hey Bruce!” Joy Behar calls out to Bruce Willis, who is strolling down Columbus Avenue, chatting on his cell phone. “How are you, kid?” Behar h […]
  14. Hungry HeartThe global celebrity adoption didn’t start with Madonna.
  15. made-off
    West Village Bohemians to Hang Madoff in EffigyMadoff victims Cynthia Crane and Ted Story will bid adieu to their West Village townhouse in style.
  16. Bubbeleh Brett Mezuzahs MiamiA Fontainebleau shonda!
  17. Hamptons HoldoutsIn this slow year, some owners are patiently waiting to get their price. Others just can’t find a taker. But all of them have unique houses they […]
  18. One Apartment, 75 YearsHow a Central Park West penthouse went from being a Depression-era rental to Calvin Klein’s home to years of unoccupied limbo.
  19. The Building of the Upper West SideThe ups and downs of the apartment house where the Black Sox plotted, Stravinsky composed, and Plato’s Retreat sizzled—and of the black-sheep ty […]
  20. Trouble in the DunesSex, tides, and videotapes! A Wall Streeter goes to war over a Hamptons gay beach.
  21. 10 Best East End EateriesHamptons Dining
  22. 6 Most Gracious Hosts on the East EndHamptons Living
  23. Hamptons Heat Wave: Hot Enough For You?Where to go to escape the city’s relentless social whirl? How about a string of remote hamlets seething with high-strung New Yorkers, where pota […]