Sulome Anderson

  1. global protest wave
    What the Hell Is Happening in Lebanon? 4 Protesters on Why They Are Rebelling“I’d watch politicians fight with each other on TV, then drop them off at nice restaurants and see them drink and laugh together.”
  2. In Iraq, America’s Allies – and Its Enemies – Wait for Trump’s First Move“It makes the Islamic State happy to use Trump to manipulate the people who want to fight for Islam,” says a captured ISIS fighter.
  3. What I Learned About Terrorism by Talking With My Father’s KidnapperThere is a smart way to “make America safe again.”
  4. The Men Making Captagon, the Drug Fueling ISIS “Everything daesh does is because of this pill.”
  5. Lebanon’s ISIS Problem Is Spinning Out of ControlA bombing killed 43 people yesterday. In Beirut, a lot of people see it as just the beginning.
  6. last straws
    Letter From a City Buried in Garbage — and on the Brink of Civil WarIn Beirut, the corrupt government can’t figure out how to pick up the garbage. Is this the final straw for a nation long teetering on the edge of violence?
  7. This Lebanese Village Is Under Attack by ISISResidents of Ras Baalbek are hanging their hopes on the Iranian-backed Hezbollah to save them.
  8. war stories
    I Was an ISIS Hostage for 5 Months“They would come into our rooms and do things you can’t even imagine.”
  9. nypd blues
    Q&A: An NYPD Officer’s Real Talk on Garner CaseThis man in blue lays the blame squarely at the feet of Ray Kelly.
  10. essay
    Abdul-Rahman Kassig Is an American Taken Hostage by ISIS. He Is Also My Friend.I haven’t seen him in more than a year. I may never again because ISIS fighters are threatening to kill him.
  11. In Northern Lebanon, Life Under ISIS’s ShadowThe group’s black-and-white logo is commonplace here, and everyone is asking the same question: When are they coming?
  12. I’m Arab, He’s Jewish. Our Selfie Went Viral.Our relationship is complicated — as has been the experience of becoming emblems of human unity.
  13. long term unemployment
    7 New Yorkers About to Lose Their Unemployment Benefits Tell Their Stories“I consider myself a conservative Republican, but I don’t like it when they say people are lazy.”
  14. terry anderson
    Until Yesterday, My Father Was the Longest-Held Hostage in U.S. HistoryNow another family is grappling with that horrible record.
  15. the yellow dogs
    Why Did an Iranian Musician in Williamsburg Snap?Shooter Ali Akbar Mohammadi Rafie did not find the success and community he craved.
  16. Blood, Tear Gas, and Twitter: On the Front Lines With Turkey’s ‘Occupy’ KidsThey are young and stylish and loathe their country’s conservative leader. Zuccotti Park is their model. But the riot police are having none of it.