Suzanne D'amato

  1. Fall Preview: ShoppingDowntown
  2. A Stitch in TimeWhen you need your hair done, shoes fixed, and dress made, all at the last minute.
  3. NavigatorQ: My girlfriend is running the Revlon Run/Walk for Women this weekend and will no doubt finish beautifully. What can I get her as a token of my […]
  4. Bikini SitesDive into our directory of swimwear boutiques to find the perfect suit – whether you’re bound for Brazilian beaches or the local lap pool.
  5. Expert Testimony: Thinking Inside the BoxMost closets bear a closer resemblance to Loehmann’s on the last day of a sale than to a Metropolitan Home spread. Piles of crumpled sweaters, t […]
  6. NavigatorQ: I want photos of my 3-year-old, but he’s a tad feisty. I need a pro who can get him to sit still, maybe even smile.
  7. NavigatorQ: I’ve just been promoted, which means it’s time to move beyond my standard shirt-and-khakis combo, but I don’t know the first thing about fashion.
  8. Expert Testimony: The Wet LookWet weather can put a serious damper on your style (unless you’re the type who looks good in neon yellow). Of course, this isn’t news to ABC wea […]
  9. Badge of CourrègesFor nineties glam girls with Gucci’s “Jackie” bag firmly strapped on their shoulders, the new Courrèges line (available exclusively at Jeffrey, […]
  10. NavigatorQ: My apartment’s just as swank as the one in The Thomas Crown Affair. How can I give it a run at screen immortality?