Suzanne Zuckerman

  1. party lines
    Suvari and Perez at the Character Project LaunchSomewhere, Kenley is crying.
  2. party lines
    Julian Niccolini: New York City Is Not Manly“This country has been taken over by women, which is a good thing,” the famous Four Seasons host says. “And New York especially.”
  3. Beef
    Daniel Boulud Considers Confidentiality Agreements With Staff“To me, it’s violating the liberty and trust you put in them to work with you,” says the chef about restaurant-tell-all writers.
  4. Top Chef
    Exploring the Top Chef Baldy ConspiracyAre Tom Colicchio and Toby Young biased toward their fellow chrome domes?
  5. silly hipsters
    Erin Wasson Explains That Comment She Made About Homeless PeopleApparently she has actually spoken to them and was not trying to demean them.
  6. wintour of our discontent
    Anna Wintour Applauds the Downsizing of Fashion Week“A lot of people before were having shows that simply shouldn’t have been having them,” Anna says.
  7. party report
    The Woman Kanye West Looks to for Style GuidanceWe asked what she thought of Kanye saying he dresses better than “a lot of gay people.” “Whaaaat?!”
  8. crimes of fashion
    Amanda Bynes Skirts ControversyShe donned two miniskirts so micro, insiders saw more than they bargained for.
  9. Stars StruckWith Michael Phelps losing his Kellogg’s endorsement deal, it’s time to look back on earlier falls from sponsorship grace.