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  1. Let’s Go to the ChalkboardSuper Bowl–winning quarterback, two-time Pro Bowler, infamous Monday Night Football gory-broken-leg victim, and NFL analyst Joe Theismann […]
  2. vulture recommends
    Four Albums Influencing the Breaking Bad ScoreThe show’s composer tells us what he listened to going into season five.
  3. party chat
    Michelle Williams Has a Freaks and Geeks Thing“I feel like I’m kind of working my way through the cast.”
  4. party chat
    Jerry Seinfeld Has Some Issues With Mad Men’s Divorce Rate, Too“I’m just trying to figure out why he blew up the suburban family.”
  5. Jerry Coke
    Jerry Seinfeld Not in Favor of Soda Ban, Prefers ‘Early Death’“Fatten them up, kill them off, and move them out.”
  6. party chat
    James Murphy Judges Vulture’s Song of Summer ContendersPlus a suggestion of his own.
  7. Russell Simmons Says That Rihanna Post Was Meant for Everyone“I thought it was rude. As an older person in the industry I just wanted to point it out.”
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    Adam Driver Gets Followed Home by Girls Fans“She followed us home from the train.”
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    Christopher Meloni Throws Punches, Wears Suits on True Blood“I smack around Skaarsgard and Moyer.”
  10. party chat
    Messing Proud of Biden’s Will & Grace Shout-Out“Besides the birth of my son.”
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    Harvey Weinstein: ‘Of Course I’ll Do a PAC’Weinstein to the rescue?
  12. mets
    Mets Hofstra Conference Excerpt: Mets PoetryOur last excerpt of academic papers.
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    Matthew McConaughey Designed His Own Assless Pants for Magic MikeHe also describes his Magic Mike character.
  14. A Mascot’s MeaningsMr. Metamorphosis
  15. party lines
    Party Lines: Stephen Baldwin at Safe ScreeningWho hasn’t ridden the subway in 25 years?
  16. party chat
    NYC 22’s Adam Goldberg Once Waved a Guitar at a Home Intruder“I was screaming at the top of my lungs while my girlfriend was screaming hysterically and crying.”
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    Nick Offerman Wants to Build Amy Poehler a ‘Headboard of Infamy’It would “probably have some antlers incorporated into it.”
  18. Interviews
    Nick Offerman on Scotch, Meat, and Making Love to Megan Mullally in Diners“One member of our crew on the show is trying to get me to make him a large wooden dildo, complete with balls.”
  19. Sex Tapes: Where Are They Now?Following a settlement last month, John Edwards and Rielle Hunter’s sex tape awaits mutually pursued destruction. Here, the whereabouts of other […]
  20. budgets
    City Effort to Strangle Tennis Scene Is WorkingCourts become lonelier.