Tina Peng

  1. party chat
    Maria Menounos Gets Her Target Clothes Tailored“I’ll go to Target and I’ll get a cute shirt, and it doesn’t really fit right. So I’ll take it to a tailor and for $4 or $5 they tailor it to my body.”
  2. slash jobs
    Selita Ebanks Is Starting a Swimwear LineHer boyfriend is very excited about it.
  3. bird food
    Selita Ebanks Has Swapped McDonalds for Lame Model FoodThat 100-calorie popcorn just sucks.
  4. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Fashion Week Tear“Delete those pictures! Delete them right now!”
  5. fashion goddesses
    Anna Dello Russo Thinks Kate Middleton’s Nude Panty Hose Are ‘Avant Garde’“When she was wearing fleshy nude stockings, that’s kind of old fashioned, but on her, with a yellow dress, it was looking so avant garde.”
  6. party chat
    Mickey Boardman Is Leery of Doing a Reality TV ShowHe’s been approached about it before.
  7. party chat
    Richie Rich Is Feeling the ‘Navajo-Gone-Disco’ Look for Summer“I think it’s back.”
  8. party chat
    Susan Sarandon Secures Dead Man Walking Pal for Daughter’s WeddingSister Helen Prejean will perform the marriage of Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino.
  9. party lines
    Courtney Love Will Shop for Ball Gowns Whenever She Pleases, and Everything Else We Learned at Fashion’s Night OutBits of wisdom from Pharrell, Cynthia Nixon, Bee Shaffer, Olivia Palermo, Simon Doonan, Thom Browne, and more!
  10. party lines
    Louis Vuitton President Comes ThisClose to Confirming Lara Stone for the Spring CampaignGetting rid of Madonna was a “natural, organic” thing.
  11. the most important people in the world
    Celebrities Love Halloween Just As Much As Children, Gay DudesWe asked every celebrity we’ve run into over the past few weeks what they’ll be wearing tomorrow night.
  12. naked
    Model Gets Modest at Erin FetherstonBut not everyone was afraid to bare almost all.
  13. Top Chef
    Padma Denies Top Chef Gender Bias“In some cases we don’t really know who made what,” she says.
  14. party report
    Lindsay Lohan at Emanuel Ungaro: A ‘Dangerous Move’Naeem Khan is “worried.”
  15. party lines
    Simon van Kempen and Albie Manzo Are E-mail BuddiesThe son of ‘Real Housewife’ Caroline e-mailed the ‘Real Husband’ for advice.
  16. Temporary Closings
    Beatrice Inn Padlock Won’t Stop the PartyChloë Sevigny blames the shutdown on the “haters.”
  17. party lines
    Chloë Sevigny Doesn’t Want to Do Her Opening Ceremony Line Every Season“That gets boring,” she says.
  18. party chat
    MTV V.J.’s Reminisce About TRLThis one time, Jewel flashed everyone in the ‘TRL’ studio. And then a bunch of 13-year-olds did.
  19. party lines
    Phillip Bloch: Michelle Obama Is ‘Blackie O.’A stylist has some ideas for the potential First Lady.
  20. party lines
    Nigel Barker Sees a Future Without ModelsBarker recently used a futuristic prototype camera with extra-long exposures to shoot couture at 2 a.m. on a beach.
  21. party lines
    Male Project Runway Vets Swear by Panty LinersThe most valuable lesson Jack Mackenroth and Kevin Christiana learned from last season’s ‘Project Runway’ didn’t have anything to do with speed sewing or “making it work.”