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  1. disrespect
    Who’s Winning the 2024 Rap-Beef Showdown?(And who got cooked?)
  2. all things corny
    Coachella Billboards, Ranked by Attention-Seeking SuccessDid you get the engagement? Did they bring their phones to your set?
  3. chat room
    Don’t Play With Love Is Blind’s Laura Dadisman“You’re not sitting here and lying to my face thinking I don’t smell your bullshit.”
  4. love is blind club
    14 Moments That Made Love Is BlindSeason six is here, so we’re looking back at the most jaw-dropping scenes from our favorite social experiment.
  5. from the soul of vulture dot com
    What Is Jennifer Lopez Doing in This Is Me … Now?Besides the most.
  6. where’s the beef?
    Everyone Megan Thee Stallion Gave Their 24 Hours of AttentionInvestigation: Who got bit in “Hiss”?
  7. starmaking
    Reintroducing Ms. BoogieThe hip-hop artist returns to the spotlight with a remarkably raw re-debut album.
  8. a long talk
    Kali Uchis Had a VisionThe industry didn’t want the bilingual artist to sing in Spanish, but she did it anyway.
  9. 25 days of reality
    Reality’s Only Getting Better for Tiffany PollardEighteen years, 50-plus TV credits, one New York: The OG (and House of Villains competitor) maintains the genre has never been stronger.
  10. it girl
    Vayda Knows All the TeaGet to know the Georgia-based SoundCloud producer turned rapper.
  11. year in review
    The Year That Couldn’t Break Megan Thee StallionIf her 2023 career highlights are any indication, Meg will suffer no fools next year.
  12. spring fashion
    It’s Glo TimeGrammy nominee GloRilla is figuring out how to be famous while staying F-R-E-E.
  13. dinner party
    How to Talk About Lizzo’s New LawsuitHer team is gonna go one of two ways.
  14. going viral
    Flyana Boss’s ‘Master Plan to Be a Star’The rap besties are running laps around TikTok and the music industry with ‘You Wish.’
  15. solidarity forever
    So, How’s Your Strike Going?WGA member Kirk A. Moore weighs in from the picket lines as SAG prepare signs of their own.
  16. profile
    ‘I Don’t Have Space to Be Tired of It’Lola Brooke had to be a master multitasker to break into rap. Now she’s the new livest one from Bedford-Stuyvesant.
  17. i’d like to thank nobody
    Angela Bassett Is Bigger Than the OscarsHonestly, how would they know?
  18. dinner party
    The Noise Around Swarm Is DeafeningThe first episode’s sex scene opened an entire can of discourse worms. We’re still trying to sort them out.
  19. dinner party
    What’s the Point of Empathy? A Long Conversation With F.D Signifier.From Ja Morant to Chris Rock and Will Smith, tropes about Black men in America are playing out in the national media.
  20. chat room
    Don’t Invite Madison McFerrin to Your Bad PartyThe 30-year-old vocalist on turning up, changing her tone, and releasing her first album.
  21. a long talk
    Sincerely KelelaRaven is her first album since 2017. The wait was intentional.
  22. profile
    Brace Yourself for Jordan E. Cooper’s Ain’t No Mo’In his bawdy Broadway debut, no one is safe.
  23. finale thoughts
    Zazie Beetz Lays Van to RestSeven years playing Atlanta’s most wayward character has brought the actor clarity: “The character is a part of my transformation.”
  24. chat room
    Monaleo’s 911 Call-Center Gig Funded Her Early Music Dreams“I was able to scrape some money together to get myself a car and shoot music videos. And the rest was history.”
  25. chat room
    Smino’s Family Bonds Run DeepThe rapper and singer on his new album Luv 4 Rent, working with J. Cole, and getting inspiration from his grandparents.
  26. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Will it be with the aging head of lettuce? The tea-spilling nanny? Or the great unifier Joni Mitchell?
  27. encounter
    Danielle Brooks Must Go OnThe actress returns to Broadway as a leading lady in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson.
  28. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Will it be with highly volatile men or two out of three Migos?
  29. dinner party
    One Simple Trick Can Fix House of the Dragon’s Lighting ProblemAnd any other shows that look like they were shot during an eclipse.
  30. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Will it be with Paramore and Perry Green or Ravyn Lenae and Ryan Murphy?
  31. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Will it be with Sadboi Tom Brady, paranormalist Ana de Armas, or the horny dudes of the week?
  32. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Toasting an Emmy with Sheryl Lee or pleading guilty with Cardi B?
  33. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Splash zone or empty throne?
  34. dinner party
    Rap Sh!t’s Jonica Booth Is Ready for the Celebrity Basketball Tourneys“I called my dad and he was like, ‘But you’re not a celebrity.’ I said, ‘I know! I gotta go become a celebrity.’”
  35. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?With Maren, Megan, Merrick, or Rita Waititi-Ora.
  36. dinner party
    Why Are We Watching Industry?On the perverse pleasures of witnessing the worst people do the worst possible things.
  37. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Will it be with the conspiracist, the clergyman, or Caucasian Castro?
  38. a long talk
    No One’s Realer Than Flo MilliThe Alabama rapper on her new album, making fans happy, and the last time she got into a fistfight.
  39. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?With Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé, or Beyoncé?
  40. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Do you sit with a man who incited a coup, a man who’s planned coups, or a man who loves the idea of eating human flesh?
  41. dream casting
    Casting the January 6 HearingsWe’ve cast the whole nightmare.
  42. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?With Doja Cat the child-bully, North West the literal child, or Elon Musk’s nine children?
  43. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Does the joy of Usher outweigh the burden of the DNC?
  44. urgent reconsideration
    Atlanta Season Three Was a Bad TripAfter a four-year break, Donald Glover’s FX series returned unsure of what it wanted to say. Four Vulture writers and critics try to make sense of it.
  45. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week?Will it be with Ed Sheeran, the January 6th Committee, or Dead-Eyed Brad Pitt?
  46. dinner party
    Flatbush Misdemeanors Dan Perlman Can’t Sell You DrugsThe Showtime series co-creator and star wants you to know he’s not addicted to Xanax (anymore).
  47. dinner party
    Hannah Einbinder Can’t Escape the Hannah Horvath DilemmaAshley Ray-Harris and Kathryn VanArendonk explore the nepotism question surrounding the young star of Hacks.
  48. dinner party
    What to Do About Tudum …For starters, let’s be honest: Under Netflix, this was always doomed.
  49. album review
    Syd’s New Love StoryThe singer-producer’s latest album, Broken Hearts Club, sheds the hedonistic visions of her earlier work.
  50. fight night
    Just Bitch-Slap the Whole AcademyThe Oscars finally got the show it deserved.
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