Tom Shone

  1. profile
    Richard Linklater’s Nine-Year ItchHis career path may be erratic, but it is of a piece with a filmmaker fascinated by the meandering and discursive.
  2. nyff
    Michael Haneke Goes Cruelty-Free With AmourIn the past, Haneke’s work has been met with many reactions, including walkouts and fiery denunciations, but the response to his latest film has been largely new to him: laughter, tears, applause.
  3. fall preview 2012
    Amy Adams’s Spiritual RevivalA reformed Naïf smites nonbelievers in The Master.
  4. Daughter DearestThe fearless (and occasionally fearsome) Evan Rachel Wood.
  5. Nobody’s PerfectDarren Aronofsky, director of arty frightfest Black Swan, has had his own battles with letting go.
  6. Beyond CuteKirsten Dunst gives a luminous and grown-up performance in All Good Things. See what a flop and rehab can do?
  7. Beautiful BoyCelebrated British artist Sam Taylor-Wood on her “Crying Men,” her Lennon biopic, and having a baby with her much-younger star.
  8. What Ever Happened to the Oscar Sweep?The days when one movie would gobble up all the major awards have gone the way of the economy.
  9. Space CowboyThe loopy oeuvre of Sam Rockwell, America’s sweetest badass.
  10. avatar
    A New Equation for Avatar’s Box Office ReignIt addresses both inflation and overseas business.
  11. Bleeping PersonalLa Roux’s Elly Jackson bares her heart to a bouncy beat.