Tucker Carlson

  1. Rebel, RebelRepublican campaign-finance agitator Christopher Shays has a reputation in Washington as a genuine Mr. Smith – a testament to his skill as an a […]
  2. Bush LeagueRepublican loyalists in Washington stood by their party for eight long years, expecting a chance to play on George Bush’s team. It seems no on […]
  3. Campaigner-in-ChiefRepublicans like to crank up the Washington-is-the-problem rhetoric for midterm elections. Remember the Contract With America? What’ll they do n […]
  4. Air AmericaTravel isn’t a luxury; it’s the backbone of the service economy. And for Congress, which is toying with tax incentives to get people flying for […]
  5. Burning BushIf the Pakistanis are our best allies in the region, why do they praise the Taliban and burn our president in effigy? Maybe it’s easier than fac […]
  6. Our Man in IslamabadThere aren’t a lot of travel guides to Pakistan. My favorite is a slim volume called Culture Shock! Pakistan, A Guide to Customs and Etiquette. […]
  7. Pox AmericanaBiological weapons have never been a greater threat, and both Congress and the White House know it. Here’s the briefing Dick Cheney got just aft […]
  8. Choosing Our EnemyWar with Afghanistan seems inevitable, but how far will the U.S. go in its campaign against terrorism? And which other governments are we willin […]
  9. Rudy Rules: Filling in For Bush, Giuliani is Consoler-in-ChiefRudy Giuliani was in midtown when the first passenger plane slammed into the World Trade Center. He made it to Barclay Street just in time to se […]
  10. Don’t Mention ItWith the tax cut squeezing his budget, how will W. sell voters on dipping into the Social Security surplus he swore he’d never touch? Maybe by c […]
  11. George and the GiantCould George Pataki’s national aspirations be sacked by former football player Phil McConkey, who’s now warming up for a run as the Conservative […]
  12. Interngate: The SequelFed up with sexual scandal, Washington has abandoned Gary Condit. His predicament is vulgar. But does that make him a plausible suspect?
  13. Working-Class HeroAfter a decade of unparalleled prosperity, it hasn’t been very fashionable to care about the working poor. Tell that to Barbara Ehrenreich, our […]
  14. Party PooperThe Republicans were having a great time until someone forgot to invite Jim Jeffords to the White House – but is that really the reason he swit […]
  15. Patriot GamesDavid Brock was the lead gun on The American Spectator’s anti-Clinton hit squad – that is, before he switched sides. Now he says Ted Ols […]
  16. Medal of HorrorIn a rare display of agreement, no one in Washington feels able to judge Bob Kerrey now that his war record is a matter of national debate. Are […]
  17. Boy in the BubbleIn Washington, you’re not cool unless you’ve got your own security detail. We all know wealth corrupts power, but does safety corrupt, too?
  18. The Next Nader?Ralph Nader tapped into an angry liberalism that has been sleeping throughout the boom. Who’ll inherit the movement? Don’t laugh – John McCain.
  19. March of DimesGranny D.’s campaign-finance-reform campaign has the style of a Frank Capra movie. Does it have the substance of one, too?