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  1. the group portrait
    For the First Time, New York City Has a Majority-Women City Council“We’re going to do things that the city hasn’t seen before.”
  2. getting around
    The New Department of Transportation Commissioner Is a Clear ImprovementYdanis Rodriguez has a long track record of pushing safer streets policies in New York City, unlike his predecessor.
  3. getting around
    OMNY Fare Cap Gives Everyone an Unlimited PassOnce you’ve spent $33, you ride free ’til the next week.
  4. bad santa
    The Worst of SantaCon: A Miserable Holiday Roundup From Years PastIt’s the least wonderful time of the year.
  5. getting around
    MTA Workers on Being Lured Back From RetirementFaced with a labor shortage, the agency is calling in the reserves.
  6. getting around
    A Bunch of Ivermectin Peddlers Put Up That Anti-Vaxx Bus Stop AdIt appears that the Brooklyn bus shelter ad itself was a guerilla operation.
  7. election 2022
    How Is Paperboy Love Prince Possibly Running for Congress in 11 Districts?The former mayoral candidate can run, but getting on the ballot on all the districts may be a challenge.
  8. wall street
    Hey, That Bull Looks FamiliarBrazil’s stock exchange is the latest to install a “Charging Bull” knockoff.
  9. bureaucracy
    It Takes How Long to Fill NYC Affordable Apartments Through the Lottery?We now know just how slow the process is.
  10. moving on
    New Yorkers Are Trying to Get Rid of Trump’s Name Anywhere They CanA small highway sign was the latest victory.
  11. getting around
    Uber Is Yet Again Being Sued for Discriminating Against Disabled RidersSome passengers with wheelchairs are charged extra on every ride, according to a Justice Department lawsuit.
  12. takeovers
    How the Young Lords Brought the Revolution to Drug TreatmentThe acupuncture-based detox the civil-rights group developed is still used today.
  13. getting around
    The Medallion Crisis Is So Bad That Taxi Drivers Are on a Hunger StrikeCabbies say the city’s relief plan doesn’t do enough.
  14. makeovers
    A Bookstore in a Bus in the BronxReaders now boarding at Bronx Bound Books.
  15. getting around
    Is a Woman Randomly Punching People at the West 4th Street Station?TikTok certainly thinks so.
  16. developing
    With Google Moving In, Hudson Square Is Trying to Spruce Up the PlaceThe neighborhood is now a major tech hub, so it should probably be connected to the rest of the city.
  17. airbnb
    You Can No Longer Stay in an East Village Van for $97 a NightThe red Econoline and six others listed on Airbnb have been impounded.
  18. climate change
    ‘That’s What Hurt the Most: The Things You Can’t Replace’Five East Elmhurst residents on what they lost to Hurricane Ida.
  19. renters
    Is Chinatown’s Largest Housing Nonprofit a Bad Landlord?Protests over a recent lockout are just the latest problem for Asian Americans for Equality.
  20. climate change
    Scenes from Ida’s Chaotic, Tragic Night in New York CityThe bus driver stuck in raw sewage, a delivery worker who biked through a foot of water, and other stories from the flood.
  21. developing
    Why Throgs Neck Homeowners Are Up in Arms About Two 8-Story BuildingsIt’s not just the height, or the number of units — it’s who might end up living there too.
  22. homelessness
    The City Is Finally Giving Homeless New Yorkers Enough Money for RentThe voucher program’s long-overdue boost comes months ahead of schedule.
  23. streeteries
    The Second-Story Streetery Is a No-GoIzakaya NYC tried to build up to get more outdoor space — but higher structures are not allowed.
  24. hudson yards
    The Vessel Has Closed Again After a Fourth SuicideRelated’s earlier measures didn’t prevent the latest death.
  25. the jab
    $100 For a Covid Shot in New York? It’s Worked Well ElsewhereThe new incentive comes as Delta-variant cases are ramping up.
  26. developing
    The Brooklyn Skyline Is About to Change Forever With 9 DeKalbEverything we know about the borough’s first supertall.
  27. c.b. minutes
    ‘Outdoor Dining Is Home Invasion’: Scenes From Manhattan Community Board 3The city wants to make streeteries permanent, and the East Village is not having it.
  28. housing
    25 Men Lock Themselves in Hotel Rooms, Refusing Transfer to Homeless Shelter“I got very severe asthma, and I don’t wanna be in a dorm setting with 30 homeless men that I don’t know.”
  29. developing
    The Bronx Could Get a Salsa Museum in the Kingsbridge ArmoryThe borough, where the genre was born, would be a perfect home.
  30. getting around
    City Council Candidate Jaslin Kaur Interviews Her Cabdriver FatherThe candidate and her father talk about the medallion crisis that inspired her run and her platform to improve conditions for all drivers.
  31. neighborhood news
    East Village Rooftop Parties Are Out of Control — Can a New Bill Change That?After two recent deaths of partiers, Councilmember Carlina Rivera wants landlords to be held responsible.
  32. the group portrait
    The Lower East Side Seniors Who Organized Their Own T’ai Chi Class“T’ai chi helps with memory,” one says. “It’s important, at our age, to keep our minds alert.”
  33. the city politic
    20 New Yorkers (From Fran Lebowitz to Ron Kim) On Ranking The Mayoral CandidatesFran Lebowitz, Ron Kim, Chelsea Manning, and more weigh in on the mayoral primary candidates.
  34. homelessness
    NYC’s Annual Homeless Count Says the Numbers Are Way Down. It’s Probably Wrong.Advocates say the subway shutdown and increased police sweeps likely threw off the numbers.
  35. neighborhoods
    The Lower East Side’s (Not Very Well Known) Black HistoryAn exclusive look at the Tenement Museum’s new walking tour.
  36. public art watch
    Lady Liberty Seems to Want You to Draw Her Like One of Your French GirlsShe’s ready for hot vaxx summer.
  37. choppers
    There’s No One in Charge of New York’s Noisy HelicoptersAnd it’s driving some New Yorkers insane.
  38. today in huh
    We Asked the Bushwick Piano Building’s Architect: Why?“This client likes unique and interesting designs,” he says.
  39. repairs
    That TikTok-Famous Building Is Bolting Down Its Bathroom MirrorsAfter millions of views, management is bringing out the drills.
  40. election 2021
    In Conversation With Dianne Morales, the Tenants’ Candidate“I’m not promising to take New York City back to normal. I’m promising something new.”
  41. labor
    Immigrant Cleaners Are Tired of Working On Their Hands and KneesA new campaign by women day laborers is pushing for better working conditions, cleaning supplies, and PPE.
  42. neighborhood news
    Smorgasburg Will Take Over the Former Hester Street Fair SpaceAnd it will now be called Hester Flea.
  43. docked
    Intrepid Museum, Unlike You, Will Not See a Rent Increase for the Next 30 YearsThe museum has been paying $1 a year since 1982.
  44. developing
    Hudson Yards Has Landscaped Out the Food Vendors“I’m not selling drugs. I’m a hot-dog guy.”
  45. the covid memorial project
    Yeju & Chat Assembles Street-Vendor Umbrellas Into Community Message BoardsPart 13 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  46. neighborhood news
    Hester Street Fair Is Getting Kicked Out of the Seward Park Co-OpA new vendor will be replacing the famed Lower East Side flea market.
  47. the covid memorial project
    Weiss/Manfredi Evokes a Doctor’s Trip Through Despair Into LightPart 7 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  48. street fights
    Prospect Heights Residents (and a local McDonald’s) Push Back Against New TowerSome neighbors say the area is already “swimming in density” and the 18-story building would make it worse.
  49. the covid memorial project
    Marvel Reconvenes a ‘Social Block’ for Brooklyn’s Last Puerto Rican Social ClubPart 5 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
  50. the covid memorial project
    Bronze Hands to Commemorate the Barely Seen Delivery WorkerPart 2 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.
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