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  1. The Leopard Changes His SpotsWe thought we knew Roberto Cavalli - animal prints, plunging necklines, thigh-high slits, showgirl glam. We were wrong.
  2. Everybody SucksGawker and the rage of the creative underclass.
  3. Is This Elf a Terrorist?The first New Yorker convicted of ecoterrorism.
  4. What Does Tina Brown Have to Do to Get Some Attention?With a new book on Princess Diana, Tina Brown—the hyper-ambitious British blonde editor who did more than anyone else to pump up the volume on c […]
  5. Tom Ford After SexWith a new super-high-end men’s store, the former Gucci designer explores who he is without all that libido to sell.
  6. Even Bitches Have FeelingsJudith Regan is a walking cartoon, an equal-opportunity bigot—and hardly the only villain in the sordid O.J. publishing scandal.
  7. Move to a Fantasy IslandHow Maui taught me to love New York.
  8. Because Our Socialites, Having Made It Here, Are Making It EverywhereFor now, they are our socialites, known on the East Side, and in Gstaad, and in Vogue. Enjoy them. With this kind of momentum, they’ll be famous […]
  9. The Genius CollectorLouise MacBain uses her classified-ad fortune, her string of art magazines,and her stunning appearance to bring some of the world’s most talente […]
  10. Billionaires Are FreeAnd, these days, a dime a dozen. But even for today’s b boys, there are some things money can’t buy.
  11. You Too Can Be a Celebrity Journalist!Jancee Dunn, grand wizard of the celebrity profile and all-around nice Jersey girl, reveals the secrets to making any star open up in her new […]
  12. Los AngelesFor this special edition of Strategist, we subjected six great metropolises—London, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney, Rome, and Miami—to the same scru […]
  13. Karl Lagerfeld, Boy Prince of FashionIt is 8 p.m., still early enough for tourists to stroll about and city buses to zoom by, and also too early for the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld, d […]
  14. Sex and the City: The Horror MoviePeter Braunstein had a full pantheon of female style icons (Edie Sedgwick, Jane Fonda, Kate Moss) and a passion for Manolos as intense as Carrie […]
  15. Prince Street PrinceHotelier turned developer André Balazs moved to Soho in 1984 and reimagined downtown in his own oh-so-tasteful image.
  16. Conan on the CouchConan O’Brien talks constantly about how no one cares about his show because it’s on too late. But in four years, when he takes over for Jay Len […]
  17. Amber AlertNewbie poet (and teen hero) Amber Tamblyn versifies on Les Moonves, Dick Cheney, and the celebrity-industrial complex.
  18. Celebrity and Its DiscontentsA Diagnosis
  19. 2 BlondesWith Martha Stewart in jail, the company’s face is a woman who looks a lot like her—former ABC Entertainment chief Susan Lyne. Her strategy? […]
  20. Smooth OperatorHas Jay-Z—one of the best rappers of his generation—really forsaken art for commerce?
  21. ‘It’ Girls Lost It.From Paris Hilton’s sex tapes to Mary-Kate’s anorexia, the girls du jour had big problems—which is just the way we like it.
  22. The OnliesOnly children are just like most New York kids— sophisticated, precocious, sometimes a little lonely—only more so.
  23. Undressing for KerryEvie Polesny, owner of the West Village café Doma, has been throwing clothing swap parties—colloquially called “bitch ’n’ swaps”—with her friend […]
  24. Party GirlsIn a city where their dad is an interloper, the Bush twins are totally at home.
  25. Donna Karan’s Vision QuestIn the eighties, she changed the way New York women dress. Now, with the radical new life that came with the sale of her company and the dea […]
  26. PaybackA gossip revenge saga, starring Richard Johnson, Lloyd Grove, a pretty girl, her spurned lover, and the ink-stained wretch who took the fall.
  27. In His Own HothouseFrom Before Sunrise to Before Sunset, Ethan Hawke has never stopped trying to grow. But into what?
  28. Her Royal Lie-nessThe so-called Saudi princess was only one of the many identities Lisa Walker tried on like jewelry.
  29. Plum Blossoms“It”-girl author Plum Sykes worries about what to wear to her book parties.
  30. A Dying TrendThe four NYU students who’ve jumped to their deaths grimly illustrate new research: Suicide can be a fad.
  31. Are You Bipolar?Mild bipolar disorder may be to this decade what depression was to the nineties, thanks to a new drug and an expanding definition. But when do […]
  32. The GurusPut your body in these experts’ hands. Our rundown of some of the city’s best skin-care technicians, massage therapists, personal trainers, fitn […]
  33. A Death of One’s OwnFounding feminist, Virginia Woolf scholar, and strong-willed enemy of the patriarchy (as well as mother, grandmother, and wife), Carolyn Heilbru […]
  34. The Boys of SummerThis summer, a handful of young, ambitious, Manhattan-bred guys has cornered the market on nightlife in the Hamptons. They make sure Tara Reid i […]
  35. When Lizzie MatteredNot so long ago, an entitled PR girl was the only terror we had to worry about.
  36. Let-It-All-HangoutThey’re taking off at Idlewild, with nary a jet in sight.
  37. The New Position on Casual SexThe rise of Internet dating has brought a sexual openness (not to mention one-night stands) to the younger generation not seen since the seven […]
  38. Bachelor Party: Looking for Love (and Marriage) in All the Wrong Places“I have to get married soon, or my dad is going to kill me,” said 31-year-old Jessica Belzer, a No. 169 sticker hanging precariously from her an […]
  39. The New Public OfferingsIn today’s online economy, anything – and everything – is legal tender.
  40. Sand in the LensDoes Barbara Kopple’s new film, set in the Summer of Lizzie, miss the real Hamptons?
  41. Baby PanicThe city’s single women knew we could do everything men could, even in our Jimmy Choos. But while we were busy with business, bars, and Barneys, […]
  42. When Chic Meets SheikLast week, as U.S. diplomats met with Yasser Arafat, some other emissaries were on a different type of mission to the Middle East. The internati […]
  43. The Single-Mom MurderChrista Worthington left the glitz of the Manhattan fashion and journalism worlds for the simpler life of a single mother on Cape Cod. But when […]
  44. Flex AppealIn the last few years, yoga became downtown’s glamorous answer to organized religion (not to mention a way to lose stress – and fat). But after […]
  45. Pay Money, Be HappyFor thousands of new yorkers, happiness is a $375, three-day self-help Seminar. Welcome to EST: The Next Generation
  46. Monica Takes ManhattanMonica Lewinsky came to New York in search of a second act. And so far, she’s made a better go of it than, say, Bill Clinton. She attends glamor […]
  47. Christian Curry’s Naked AmbitionIt’s been a whirl of stretch limos, Veuve Clicquot, and $1,000-a-plate charity dinners for Christian Curry ever since his scandalous case with M […]
  48. Mole ManAt 33, Anderson Cooper has been a model, a war correspondent, and an anchorman. Now Gloria Vanderbilt’s son has gone underground – as host of a […]
  49. Unemployment OnlineNow that Silicon Alley has gone from Internet easy street to virtual skid row, what are all the Ivy League English Majors who used to have $90,0 […]
  50. The Model VanishesLourdes Gruart walked the runways in Milan and Paris for more than a decade. But as her career waned and she felt her jet-set social life slippi […]
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