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  1. 13 Female Journalists on What They’d Tell Their Younger Selves“It’s the most incredibly unglamorous career you can imagine.”
  2. party chats
    Broadway Stars on Trump’s ‘Safe Space’ TweetA safe place: Not if Patti LuPone’s onstage!” 
  3. Shonda Rhimes on Writing in the Age of Trump: ‘TV Has Power. My Pen Has Power.’“People have asked me about diversity and I’ve chastised them. They’ve asked me about legacy, and I’ve ignored them.”
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    Hamilton’s Brandon Victor Dixon on the Election“Democracy is at work … one side won.”
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    Danai Gurira on TWD Parallels to Real Life“We weren’t thinking about November then, but the fact that it aired yesterday — it’s uncanny.”
  6. the room where it happens
    What Would Hamilton Think of the Election?According to the brains behind Hamilton, every old political tactic is new again.
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    Carrie Fisher Now Says She Doesn’t Think Trump Used Cocaine at the DebateWalking back a tweet.
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    Serena Williams Prepares for Matches by Watching Real HousewivesOther things she loves: faux fur, Chick-fil-A, ’80s music.
  9. potty chat
    Michael Shannon on Wetting His Pants Onstage“It’s thick material and I wear a couple of pairs of underwear.”
  10. speeeech!
    Read Danai Gurira’s Advice to Female Writers“The first thing, young female artist: Have a vision.”
  11. fantasies
    What Broadway Would Look Like If It Were Run by WomenThe songwriter behind “Let It Go” weighs in.
  12. webby awards
    Kim Kardashian Is Proud to Be ‘the Olympics of Oversharing’“Nude selfies till I die.”
  13. woke bae
    Matt McGorry Defends Starting a Twitter Feud With Piers Morgan Over BeyoncéThe McGorry-Morgan saga continues.
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    Gina Gershon Turned Down Prince’s Purple Rain“There’s a purple limousine waiting for me — a stretch.”
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    Cecily Strong on SNL’s Paris Tribute: ‘It Was All Lorne’s Idea’“I was really honored to even have that opportunity.”
  16. 100 women directors
    Hollywood Figures Suggest More Women DirectorsWe asked celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Tyler Perry, and Sarah Paulson to give us their picks.
  17. quotables
    How to Level the Playing Field in HollywoodOne way for female directors to break through.
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    Haggis on Working With Simon on Show Me a Hero“I’m such a huge fan of his.”
  19. David Simon, Katie Couric, and LaTanya Richardson Jackson Talk #BlackLivesMatterTalking about race with guests at the premiere of HBO’s Show Me a Hero.
  20. memory lane
    John Oliver, Will Arnett, and More Share Their Favorite Jon Stewart MemoriesBush vs. Bush, 2003.
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    Amy Schumer and Tina Fey Made Out for Feminism“Amy is killing it, she’s the biggest deal in comedy right now.”
  22. memory lane
    Conan O’Brien, Tina Fey, and More Share Their Favorite Letterman Memories“[I remember] how incredibly freezing cold his studio is. It’s horrible!”
  23. the end
    20 of Mad Men’s Famous Fans Dish on How They Want the Show to End“I don’t want to redeem them.”
  24. mad men
    Sarah Silverman and More on Mad Men Memories“I don’t think I’ve ever, in any R-rated movie, in anything, seen period blood.”
  25. Interviews
    The Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock Is Super Hyped About His Num Pang SandwichAnd he has his dog to thank for it.
  26. hot tub time machine
    Comics, Celebs Pick Their Favorite SNL SketchesCrowd favorite: Eddie Murphy’s hot tub.
  27. Paul Sorvino Used to Run an Ad Agency Until he Went ‘Crazy’ and QuitTurns out it was the best move he ever made.