Vijith Assar

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    The Internet Is Lying to YouThe modern practice of redirecting links runs counter to the original vision of the internet.
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    Google’s Plan to Transform Email Is Deeply FlawedGoogle wants to change how you read email. It’s a bad idea.
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    The Internet Can Save Itself From Ajit Pai. Just Not Here.Ajit Pai may be right that ending net neutrality will increase competition. Just not the competition he wants.
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    Software Can Have OpinionsCode counts as speech — not just because it’s text, but because it expresses values.
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    Why Nobody Can Build an Email KillerWe don’t invest in new open standards, specifications, and protocols of the kind that made email the dominant method of communication online.
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    Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden on His New Album“This unborn baby’s heartbeat had been sent to my mobile phone, and I played it on this big sound system in a club … “
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    Mastodon’s Brann Dailor on Scoring the Jonah Hex Movie and His Halloween Costume“As long as the film wasn’t ‘Runaway Bride 3,’ we were more than happy to do it.”