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    Narcos Season Finale Recap: Adiós, SalcedoIn the end, this season delivered a lot of what makes Narcos fun.
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    Narcos Recap: Don’t Open That FridgeHow does any of this make sense?
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    Narcos Recap: Jungle WorkThe boys are back in morally corrosive alliances!
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    Narcos Recap: This Is How We Do ItNarcos finally goes all-in on chaos.
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    Narcos Recap: Blue CuracaoMaybe Narcos really doesn’t need Pablo after all.
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    Narcos Recap: David the GoliathWill Miguel’s sadistic son become a problem for Cali Cartel?
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    Narcos Recap: Keep on Chicken Truckin’It’s time to talk about the Narcos switcheroo.
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    Narcos Recap: Big Money RustlasIt’s Murphy and Peña: The Next Generation!
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    Narcos Recap: Tunnel SnakesJavier Peña has a new blonde DEA buddy!
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    Narcos Season-Premiere Recap: Meet the New BossesWith Pablo Escobar dead, Cali Cartel moves in to run the Colombian drug trade.
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    Narcos Season Finale Recap: A Roof and a Hard Place“When you lay eyes on him, the devil’s a real letdown.”
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    Narcos Recap: Dear JhonThis is how Pablo loses everything: “Slowly at first, then all at once.”
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    Narcos Recap: Radio TataWherever Pablo and Limón are going, they’ll be alone when they get there.
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    Narcos Recap: Hell WeekIf Pablo gets his way, the Bogotá sky will “burn with gunpowder.”
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    Narcos Recap: Silent Night, Deadly NightWhy did Pablo Escobar become a drug lord?
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    Narcos Recap: Rare PepesWhy is Peña acting like Death Wish–era Charles Bronson?
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    Narcos Recap: When Life Gives You LimónWhat would Narcos be without montages?
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    Narcos Recap: Helicopter to the Dark Side“He pissed on your mural, sir.”
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    Narcos Recap: El Patrón del MalWhere did all the drug lords go?
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    Narcos Season Premiere Recap: The Life of PabloIt’s not prestige TV, but Narcos can be a great time.
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    Why Everyone Is Commenting ‘Spicy Boi’ on Hillary Clinton’s InstagramAs the RNC unravels in Cleveland, Trump’s trollish online supporters are holding their own convention.
  22. The Troll Behind Reddit’s Best TrainwreckThe mix of brazen criminality and abject stupidity that made r/legaladvice the Reddit trainwreck of choice was partly the product of a prolific troll.