Yael Kohen

  1. chat room
    Ullman on Her HBO Show, History With Blackface“My criteria was — because of what I do and how I like to dress up — why couldn’t I do it?”
  2. 100 jokes
    How Comedy Finally Caught Up to Female ComediansThings have changed since Elayne Boosler.
  3. color war
    What’s the Problem With Pink, Anyway?But when we treat pink — and the girls who like it — with condescension, what are we really saying?
  4. tv
    Inside the Fashion Police Writers’ Strike“Joan Rivers, can we talk?”
  5. tropes
    ‘Brooklyn Girl’: The Selling of a New TypeDunham may have defined her, but mainstream culture is now profiting most.
  6. sitcom smackdown
    Quarterfinals: Sex and the City vs. SeinfeldBattle of the sexually active New York quartets!
  7. the weight of it all
    Why Extra-Skinny (or Fat) Actresses Win OscarsJust like Anne Hathaway probably will this weekend.
  8. girls girls girls
    Will Girls Be Believable Now That the Actresses Look ‘Hollywood’?Allison Williams’s weight loss gets discussed in season two.
  9. bloodlust
    How Vampires Learned to Love Virgins So MuchIn honor of the final Twilight film.
  10. secret agent man
    Bond Girls Are Now Women, and 007 a Real Man“Bond’s transformation from rape-ready rogue to wounded and woman-weary tough guy is complete.”
  11. obituary
    An Ode to Phyllis Diller, the First Female Comic to Joke Like a ManIn an age of June Cleavers, she was the first serious female stand-up.
  12. The Wedding-Spending DiariesFour New York couples track all their major costs.
  13. The Three-Month Culture OrgyA plan for every day of the fall, from Amy Adams to ZZ Top.
  14. Season in the SunCulture and play, till Labor Day.
  15. The Waiting RoomReal live New York City virgins speak out on what it means to say “no” in the city of Yes.
  16. The Fashion Week Food DiariesWe asked four members of the fashion community— two models, an editor, and a show producer—to track their intake during the frenzy.
  17. The $482 DifferenceWhat makes one loafer worth several hundred dollars more than another? (Sometimes, not very much.) Parsons’ shoe design professor Howard Davis a […]
  18. Run the New Age GauntletA newbie test-drives the latest treatments.
  19. Culture Orgy: Winter EditionTrue, Hollywood doesn’t release its finest work, But in New York, January and February can be entertainment oases. A two-month to-do list.
  20. Market Research: GymsThey’re a major selling point— but some buildings’ gyms sell a bit harder than others.
  21. The Mud ReportAs Democrats salivate over their chances, Republicans are spitting back.
  22. The Three-Month Culture OrgyA decadent to-do list for every single day this fall.
  23. 62 Days of FunHowever you define it.
  24. Medical Marvel #11Four siblings with potentially fatal kidney disease. All need transplants.
  25. Market Research: Outdoor SpaceFrom a spectacular Soho penthouse to a little concrete yard with … possibilities.
  26. Watching the ClockWhat four New Yorkers do at their jobs, from TV interviews and client meetings to Web surfing and watercooler gossip.
  27. Market Research: PenthousesTop-floor apartments, from high-end to low.
  28. Because We Walk Everywhere . . .No. 115 Armed with pedometers, three New Yorkers logged every step they took during a recent week.
  29. Because a Hooker Performing CPR on a Dead Senator Is a Clever Way to Sell Cell PhonesNo. 113 Commercials are almost all sweet and uplifting—“Fly the Friendly Skies,” “Have a Coke and a Smile,” “Be All You Can Be.” No matter what […]
  30. Market Research: Studio ApartmentsFrom sanctuaries to cells, comparison shopping—one room at a time.
  31. The Reading ListWhat five New Yorkers read for a week, from personal ads to Georges Bataille’s The Unfinished System of Non-Knowledge.
  32. Enrich. Enlight. Entertain. Repeat.An event-a-day calendar to help you navigate high season in the world’s culture capital.
  33. The Wages of SunEvery summer, the East End turns into one big service economy. Here’s how the Hamptons’ other half lives.
  34. Firefighter in DistressProblem: Fifty-three-year-old FDNY fire chief. Working in North Tower on 9/11 when South Tower collapsed. Narrowly escaped death; saw many coll […]
  35. A Roof of One’s OwnAn Upper East Side developer brings penthouse living to the young-professional set.