Yiren Lu

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    When the Alt-right Loves Your AppIt’s not just Facebook and Google — small start-ups have to deal with toxic content and figure out how to balance free speech, too.
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    The Pickax Sellers of the Bitcoin Gold RushThere’s money to be made in bitcoin, even if you don’t own any.
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    Ethereum Is the Hottest New Currency (and Also Maybe the Future of the Internet)Why Ethereum is (potentially) bigger than bitcoin.
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    Nick Bilton on Buying Drugs Online and First-Mover Advantage on the DarknetAuthor Nick Bilton discusses his new book, American Kingpin, about the notorious online drug marketplace Silk Road.
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    The Best Consultants in Silicon Valley Are TeenagersThirty-something developers looking to build the next big thing are consulting high-school and college students to learn what works.
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    Why Spectacles Are So Important to SnapchatIt’s hard to think outside the box when you don’t own the box.