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    The Best Summer Shoes for Kids (That Aren’t Natives)What shoes are comfortable, waterproof, and can withstand daily thrashing from climbing trees, city scooting, and tromping through splash pads?
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    What Are the Best Storage Options for LEGOs (That Aren’t Hideous)?Including bins, bags, trays, and tables.
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    How to Organize Your Kid’s Art Supplies (and Actual Art)Designers and creatives on their favorite ways to store everything from googly eyes to poster board — as well as the artwork their kids make.
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    The Best Winter Gear for Kids, According to Parents Who Live in Cold PlacesFrom Newfoundland to Oslo, seven parents and outdoor educators on the best gear to keep kids warm and dry.
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    These Are the Building Toys My Family Loves MostFor open-ended play beyond LEGOs and Magna-Tiles.
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    9 Kids’ Playhouses (That Won’t Take Over Your Living Room)Tents, couches, and cardboard kits that let imaginations run wild.
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    7 Actually Nice-Looking Toy Kitchen SetsFor cooking up imaginary stews and pretend-microwaving wooden fruit.