Zandile Blay

  1. spring 2011
    Jeremy Scott Spring 2011: More Zoolander or Homeless Gaga?You be the judge.
  2. spring 2011
    Were Those Necklaces or Neck Braces at VPL?The showstopping pieces were crafted by Brian Crumley, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels, and others.
  3. party lines
    Sea of Shoes Is Just a Country GirlThe blogger is in town this week, but won’t be seeing any shows.
  4. party chat
    Robbie Myers on Her Flintstones Hairstyle“I’ve considered putting a bone in it so everyone gets the reference.”
  5. backlash
    The Essence Controversy Is More Than Skin-DeepThis isn’t the first time a white editor has worked for a black publication. So what’s all the fuss about?