Top Five Salons for Curls

Ouidad Salon.Photo: Courtesy of Ouidad Salon

Deva Spa
425 Broome St., at Crosby St.; 212-274-8686
Stylist Lorraine Massey approaches curls as something of a science, meticulously observing how different types of waves react to heat and moisture. She cuts hair dry—one inch off dry hair is the equivalent of four inches when wet, she says—wielding super-sharp $700 scissors for precision.

Ouidad Salon
37 W. 57th St., nr Sixth Ave.; 212-888-3288
Ouidad has been taming curls for 25 years, starting out on Broadway in the eighties. She’s coined a customized carve-and-slice technique, strategically cutting with the curvature of the curls. Her line of water-soluble styling products incorporates botanicals and amino acids, locking in moisture without weighing down locks.

89A E. Houston St., nr. Elizabeth St.; 646-827-2428
This beauty store and salon specializes in all forms of curls, from ethnic hair to tight spirals. Stylists work with John Masters Organics products and use a point-cutting method, trimming into the form of the hair rather than across for a softer, less boxy shape.

Mousey Brown
732 Lorimer St., at Bayard St.; 718-486-7971
Stylists at this low-key Williamsburg salon observe the natural texture and fullness of curls, and snip both wet and dry to achieve a manageable, easy shape.

Christo Fifth Avenue
574 Fifth Ave., nr. 47th St.; 212-997-8800
This intimate salon is known for its custom-blended curl conditioning treatment, which combats frizz for springy, shiny locks.

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Top Five Salons for Curls