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Best Extensions

  • John Frieda

    797 Madison Ave., 212-879-1000

    Ty Holbrook has amplified the tresses of celebrities (Lindsay Lohan) and supermodels, and gets called to magazine photo shoots constantly, but he does the same every day for ordinary mortals who come to Frieda’s salon. His extensions don’t have that telltale bump where the false hair meets the real, and once they’re on (he uses the best supplier—Great Lengths human hair—and a medical-grade protein adhesive that doesn’t damage the shaft like other glues), you can color, style, and perm—for the next five months, anyway. Adding thickness and body will take about one and a half hours and costs $500; for dramatic length increases, figure five hours at up to $3,000, which is pretty reasonable considering the skill level involved.

From the 2006 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine