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Snip Judgments

Five signature styles, five perfect haircuts.


  • Illustrations by Kagan McLeod  
  • Paul Podlucky

    25 E. 67th St., 212-717-6622

    It’s impossible to glance at the photos on a fashion-magazine party page and not see the work of Paul Podlucky. The fast-talking Upper East Side hair guru is in the speed dial of every PYT in 10021, and he makes house calls. He’s happy to inspect a dress and make suggestions to flatter the style. Just know that if you want Podlucky for big galas like the Costume Institute party (in May) or New Yorkers for Children (in September), you’d best consider calling now.


  • Tommy Buckett
    Sally Hershberger Downtown

    425 W. 14th St., 212-206-8700

    You may not have been born with locks that naturally tumble perfectly (but not too perfectly) into place, but in Buckett’s hands, no one will ever know it. He updates the ubiquitous shaggy cut by snipping with a scissors, not shaving with a razor, so that the look has cleaner, sleeker edges but is still distinctly “undone.” His midwestern charm and boyish good looks might make you wish your appointment lasted longer than an hour.


  • Laurie Foley
    L’Atelier de Laurie

    124 E. 4th St., 212-358-8900

    If you’ve recently passed by someone with color so perfectly sun-kissed that it has to be real, chances are it’s Foley’s work. Her chair plays host to models, fashion editors, and local East Villagers (she took Gwyneth Paltrow from blonde to brunette and back again, and gave Sheryl Crow her sun-soaked look). They come for Foley’s signature hand-painted highlights (i.e., no foils), which create the dazzling customized shades.


  • Salvatore’s Men’s Barber Shop

    1 New York Plaza, 212-742-8254

    Bankers don’t go for particularly complicated haircuts: The point is to not stand out. A little off the sides and a tidy neckline tends to work for most, particularly if it’s administered in an efficient and masculine environment—and if it offers networking opportunities, all the better. Salvatore’s is a Goldman Sachs favorite. And you might find Hank Paulsen scanning his FT in the next frill-free chair.


  • Ringo Yip
    Ringo’s Salon

    126 Ludlow St., 212-228-8812

    If you want to blend in with the crowd at Bowery Ballroom, schedule an appointment with Yip. Local musicians, artists, and general Lower East Side hipsters of all ages (former Blondie guitarist Chris Stein, a member of Marc Jacobs’s design team) all flock here for cool, edgy cuts with character. He even trims on Sundays to accommodate his clients’ erratic schedules.

From the 2006 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine