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Best Postnatal Program

Vibrational therapy at Exhale.  
  • Six-week total body transformation at Exhale

    980 Madison Ave. 150 Central Park S., 212-249-3000

    The six-week program is set up to ensure that your body recovers sanely, and that you stick to the plan. With so many people keeping tabs on you, staying in bed is simply not an option. Each week, a program coordinator sees that you book a minimum of two Vinyasa flow-yoga sessions and three core-fusion classes—their trademark hour of stretching and muscle building focuses specifically on the difficult-to-tone transverse abdominal muscles (the ones that pregnancy pulls apart). Weekly meetings with a nutritionist help fast-track your body-fat reduction; weekly sessions of acupuncture help stimulate energy flow and spark your metabolism.

From the 2007 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine