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Best Prenatal Massage

  • Leigh Withers at Motherly Love


    When you reach around week 30 of your pregnancy and the lower-back pain becomes too much, the antidote is acupuncturist and massage therapist Leigh Withers (who happens to come highly recommended by the city’s top gynecologists). Withers has 15 years of experience in everything from alleviating general posture tightness and sciatica with her not-too-gentle hands (less specialized therapists tend to be, she says, “afraid they’re going to hurt you”), to targeting labor points for a better birthing experience, to enabling VBACs with the help of acupuncture. Another plus for the swollen-footed is that Withers brings her 90-minute sessions ($275) to you, table and specialty cushions in hand.

From the 2015 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine