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Best Chicken Wings

  • Tailor

    525 Broome St., nr. Thompson St.; 212-334-5182

    “Tailor Made Hot Wings” aren’t your typical chicken wings, but then again, Tailor isn’t your typical bar. If your bourbon is spiked with smoked Coke, and your vodka with bubble-gum cordial, it’s highly unlikely the kitchen will send out anything vaguely resembling an order of Atomic Wings. Indeed, chef Sam Mason’s take on the pub-grub classic is not only brazenly boneless, it’s seemingly wingless. The meat has been stripped from the bone, sliced, and recombined with transglutaminase (meat glue, if you’re not up on current kitchen-science jargon) and formed into sleek, fork-friendly briquettes. Glazed with a mixture of Frank’s Red Hot and coconut milk and dappled with bits of blue cheese, these high-tech, reimagined “wings” are just as addictive as the old-school version, if not more, and much neater to eat.

From the 2009 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine