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Best Juice Bar

  • Miss Lily’s Variety

    130 W. Houston St., at Sullivan St.; 646-588-5375

    Most juice bars promote clean living and fresh produce, but not many also stock Jamaican beef patties and banana-cream pudding. The takeout annex of next door’s Jamaican restaurant Miss Lily’s offers much more than juice, however: It’s a hub for all things Jamaican. There’s Melvin’s Juice Box, where Melvin Major (who garnered a loyal following for sixteen years at Greenwich Village’s LifeThyme) presides over concoctions like the Green Light (greens, lemon, and ginger), and you can also order coffee, lunch, or snacks to eat at the Rasta-striped booths or take to go. Down a short flight of stairs lies a record shop whose offerings go way beyond Bob Marley, with a radio station ( broadcasting all day and night. Nighttime parties with visiting Jamaican artists happen frequently, and, as you’d imagine, they’re a pretty good time. Now, how many juice bars can say that?

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From the 2012 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine