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Best Drugstore

  • Cherry’s Pharmacy

    207 E. 66th St.; 212-717-7797

    Why do kids need a pharmacy of their own? Try asking the chemist at your local chain store to make a bubblegum-flavored medicine taste like peanut butter instead, to liquefy a tablet for a pill-averse child, or to custom-blend Motrin suppositories for a feverish kid who’s too sick to swallow. They’ll happily oblige at Cherry’s, which was opened three years ago by Charles Tabouchirani and William Brownstein. Over-the-counter offerings include everything from twelve kinds of Tylenol to wheat-free baby-bath products. Both Cherry’s and their year-old second location, Kids Rx, on 523 Hudson Street (212-741-7111), will ship anywhere in the world and deliver anywhere in Manhattan free of charge. Their most valuable service, however, is their expertise. “The greatest trick to countering bitter medication is actually chocolate,” says Tabouchirani. “We suggest M&M’s before a dose and after.” You’ll have to buy those elsewhere.

From the 2007 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine