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Best Specialty Movers

  • Morgan Manhattan

    434 E. 91st St. and 449 W. 49th St., 212-633-7800

    You think your big-screen TV set was hard to move? How about a taxidermied moose? Or a rare-wine collection that has to be kept cool and vibration-free? “Every oddball thing is just that: an interesting challenge,” muses Brian Clark of Morgan Manhattan. His firm is renowned for conquering those challenges—hiring riggers to hoist giant artworks through windows, putting oversize goods on top of elevators, and pulling out a variety of other tricks. (He even keeps a cabinetmaker on staff, for disassembling and reassembling furniture to fit through doorways.) Not long ago, Clark had to transport a group of rare and extremely fragile nineteenth-century carriages for the New-York Historical Society. “I can’t tell you how we moved them,” he says with a smile. “But we got them there.”

From the 2006 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine