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Best Decluttering

  • Jen M.R. Doman, Get It Together!

    172 Fifth Ave., Ste 252, Brooklyn; 718-783-2077

    HGTV producer Nancy Glass has consulted dozens of professional neat-freaks for her show Mission: Organization, so it’s significant when she singles out one as a real pro. Brooklyn-based organizer Jen M.R. Doman is not just a master weeder, says Glass, she also “understands how people actually live,” especially apartment-dwelling pack rats cramped for space. Doman, whose clients range from bus drivers to celebrities (and fetishists—she was once asked to organize a closet full of sex toys), doesn’t foist arbitrary “systems” upon clients—a sure prescription for failure—but instead helps them to develop strategies to stay organized long after she’s gone. She’s not afraid to do the clearing and tossing herself, and she’s not a scold: Doman fans such as actor-producer Fisher Stevens say her service, which charges a reasonable $650 for eight hours, is judgment-free (no finger-wagging lectures). And no job’s too small. She once organized a kid’s marble collection.

From the 2007 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine