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Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

  • GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning


    In times when it seems that every cleaning company is slapping on an “Earth-conscious” claim, GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning’s incredibly thorough service stands out for its intensive customization. The company makes its own plant-based cleaners without dyes, detergents, or ammonia, and will adjust them to your tastes, cutting out, say, the aromatherapy scents if you’re not a fan. For the real hard-core greenies, they’ll scour everything using nothing but vinegar and baking soda. And we do mean scour—they really get down along the baseboards and drains, making every visit like a spring cleaning. The initial deep clean is $36 an hour with a three-hour minimum, which is steep, yes—but guaranteed. If there’s any aspect you’re unhappy with, call within 24 hours and they’ll rescrub to your heart’s content.

From the 2009 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine