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Best Dog Trainer

Kate Perry knows why your dog is freaking out.  
  • Kate Perry


    Doggie life without a backyard is difficult enough. But what if your pooch is afraid of elevators? Doormen? Skateboards? Other dogs? Anything’s mostly avoidable if you live in a suburb or the country, but all those factors are just part of city life. Kate Perry, a professional dog trainer for nearly a decade, has quickly become known as the expert on urban canine neuroses. She’ll take on housebreaking, leash aggression, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, and the arrival of a (human) baby in the household. Perry offers one-on-one sessions and has a knack for breaking down a pup’s sensitivity to noise and crowds, but what really sets her apart is her ability to deal with tricky pets and persnickety owners; she’s quick to home in on the specific issues on both ends of the leash. Initial consultation is $145 for two hours (or $165 evenings and weekends); follow-ups are $125 for 75 minutes.

From the 2010 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine