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Best Jeans Repair

Denim Therapy can save your butt.  
  • Denim Therapy

    555 Eighth Ave., nr. 38th St., ste. 901, 347-471-0785;

    Your average dry cleaner–tailor tends to screw up denim, with seams that are too small and delicate and off-color repairs. At Denim Therapy, by contrast, torn pockets and ripped-out rivets are everyday business. The real specialty here, though, is invisibly repairing holes and tears. Rather than patching your dungarees, hippie style, DT’s technicians reweave the material itself, scrupulously matching variables like “indigo saturation,” weight, and degree of wear. Prices are surprisingly modest, at $7 per inch, making the process hugely cost-effective for the $250 premium denim you bought at Barneys, and even reasonable for a well-loved pair of 501s that you just can’t bear to give up.

From the 2010 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine