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Best Cast-Off Furniture

Film Biz Prop Shop  
  • Film Biz Prop Shop

    540 President St., nr. Fourth Ave., Gowanus 347-384-2336

    Over her fifteen-year career in the film industry, Eva Radke saw an unconscionable number of props end up in the Dumpster postproduction. She opened this 11,000-square-foot warehouse in December to sell furniture and oddities donated from wrapped TV shows, movies, theater productions, and music videos. Owing to the high volume of stuff, prices are shockingly low—and negotiable. Barely used rugs from ABC Carpet & Home start at $50; fiberglass table lamps are $125 for a pair; throw pillows go for $10 and up. As for the fake electric chair? Five-hundred bucks.

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From the 2011 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine