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A Downey Softener
A Flabby Wolverine, and an Empty Limits of Control

Dick Cheney: Scarier than Lon Chaney?

  • 4/27/09 at 1:47 PM

I don't have a movie column in the magazine this week but will post here soon on Wolverine, Jim Jarmusch's The Limits of Control, and a couple of Tribeca Film Fest screenings. Of what I've seen at Tribeca, I recommend the docs Racing Dreams* and Croxley and the Brit satire In the Loop--an absolutely divine dramatization of what has come to be known as the "Downing Street memo." You want to know how intel is "fixed around policy" rather than vice versa? Here it is--paced like a Marx Brothers movie with more f-words than the collected works of David Mamet. Dick Cheney isn't in it, but one of his henchmen is played by David Rasche--I assume he's meant to be David Addington. And speaking of Cheney, here are some thoughts on his place in the pantheon of our culture's supervillains. The list is evolving: By all means e-mail your suggestions to my address at the right.

*CORRECTION: Whoopsie. This was corrected... I originally wrote Racecar Dreams (the credits when I saw it were incomplete) and the title matters since I'm not sure there's a distributor yet. There should be! Actually, I like my Racecar Dreams better even though "racecar" might not officially be a word. It's about kids who are great junior drivers and there's something kid-like about the word "racecar" that is more evocative than "racing." On the other hand, NASCAR probably would think "racecar" is a wussy word.