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Funny People Review: The Missing Tag!

  • 7/30/09 at 10:18 AM

OK, it happens, especially when you rewrite as compulsively as I do. No one's fault but mine. Anyway, the last paragraph of my Funny People review got dropped from the magazine. (I wondered how it all fit in so easily.) Probably no one cares (except me), but for the sake of the historical record, here it is:

Even with famous comics and musicians showing up for cameos, Funny People has no snap; it droops under the weight of that agenda. Its few lively scenes feature Eric Bana, who’s skinny but wiry, his Aussie bonhomie bristling with menace. Aubrey Plaza has one or two moments as a cute female comedian with big glasses and a glassy demeanor that seems—given all the overbearing men—sensibly self-protective. But why don’t we see her onstage? Apatow’s comedy could use a female perspective. Funny People is so full of morbid male self-attention that when it’s over you expect to see crusty brown stains all over the screen.