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6:15 PM


Clinton Tires of New York, Goes to Ohio

Taking a break from our new favorite woman scorned, let us now turn to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Since her reelection bid is all but assured (sorry, John Spencer, you're only polling 31 percent), Clinton will begin fund-raising for swing-state Democrats in October.

A new Times poll shows 40 percent of New York Republicans approve of her job as senator. Hillary's ability to talk milk subsidies with upstate farmers is often cited as evidence that maybe she can hang with mill workers in Youngstown, too. Hillary's hoping — she even made up a funny little line for the Washington Post about her new Republican supporters: "'I've stopped asking them why and you know I have a little ceremony where they can go through absolution,' she laughed."

Ha ha ha. And we laugh with her. All the way to the chopping block — the same poll says only 50 percent of New Yorkers want her to run for president.