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9:30 AM


Fact or Factish? Debatable

  • While you were watching Matlock — Spitzer and Faso debated who should govern you. (NYT)
  • You can say anything in a debate and people will take it as fact, so here's a look at what was fact and what was factish. (NYT)
  • Spitzer flexes, Faso needs to hit the gym. (NYDN)
  • Hevesi's opponent getting a free ride from $82,000 screwup. (NYP)
  • Pirro scores checks, catches heck. (NYT)
  • Rudy to give speech, chase dream. (NYDN)
  • Also in Pennsylvania, Bloomberg stays ballistic on gun lobby. (NYS)
  • First Lady swoops in to help Utica rep: "In these troubled times, we need a man like INSERT NAME OF CANDIDATE — I mean, Ray Meier!" (AMNY)
  • Tom Suozzi watches debate through blinding haze of bitterness. (Newsday)