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9:30 AM


Pataki Assembles Presidential Soapbox Racer

  • Joe Lieberman nuances IndieRepubliDem war position, says Ned Lamont "fudged" his. (NYT)
  • The George Pataki presidential soapbox racer has its first wheel. (NYDN)
  • The free — really $82,000 — ride is over for comptroller Alan Hevesi's wife. (NYT)
  • Hillary has a bug on her windshield, and its name is John Spencer. (AP)
  • And she comes up with the right nonresponse half-endorsement of her husband's Fox performance. (Newsday)
  • Schumer says thanks for the terror money, now how about some terror money? (NYS)
  • New York's been batting zero in producing presidential nominees for over 50 years. Can Rudy or Hillary break the streak? (NYS)
  • Condi says Bill Clinton didn't leave Bush with a decent terror plan, isn't right on Bush pre-9/11 strategy, secretly wants to make out with Osama, hates pets. (NYP)
  • Conservative Party candidate Robert J. Helbock plays for the team and clears out of three-way State Senate race. (NYT)