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5:45 PM


Political Blogs We Like

Scrutinizing local politics is a big job, one that seems so much more fun with the Internet. Not only do political blogs span the ideological spectrum, but, at times, they're the only source of coverage for candidates looking to get a mention somewhere, anywhere.

Here's some of what we're reading:

  • Just Hillary is just that.
  • NYC Republicans wandering lonely in the wilderness, you've got a friend in Urban Elephants.
  • Albany observers chronicle the grinding state-government machine at Capitol Confidential.
  • If you're lonely for the camaraderie you felt in a jail cell during the 2004 GOP convention, read The Daily Gotham.
  • Bill Clinton hoped Democrats would rise like a phoenix after his rant on Fox. Maybe, but first they have to figure out what they think about it. Arianna Huffington gets them going.
  • There is not a race in the tri-state area The Empire Zone doesn't cover.
  • Ben Smith's The Daily Politics: indefatigable.
  • New York Observer's Politicker: indispensable.
  • For its depth and breadth, nothing compares to Room 8.