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9:00 AM


Satan: Democrat or Republican?

  • The Department of Homeland Security has boosted anti-terror funding for New York by 300 percent. (New York Daily News)

  • GOP gubernatorial candidate John Faso, low on cash, is asking party leaders to pay for lawn signs. (New York Times)

  • Jerry Falwell calls Hillary "worse than Lucifer" and claims her presidential run will spark the evangelical base. But dwindling GOP donor contributions suggest less enthusiasm for a showdown with our junior senator. (Los Angeles Times; Daily News")

  • Bill Clinton's stock Hillary '08 answer has moved from "if she won, she'd be great" to "she can win." (New York Post)

  • As Andrew Cuomo spent money on his primary bid, GOP opponent Jeanine Pirro collected cash and hired Nelson Peltz as her finance chair. Cuomo's people are a little worried. (New York Magazine)

  • Connecticut's longest-serving representative, Nancy L. Johnson, is feeling some heat in her bid to win a thirteenth term. Her solution is to switch her M.O. from gentle moderate to red-meat security hawk — following the Republican national strategy in a state where Bush polls 30 percent. New York Republicans are not following her lead. (New York Times; The Journal News)

  • Condi signed off on documents that said it was "safe to breathe" the air at ground zero. (New York Post)

  • Newsday's reporters and editors union contributed to politicians the paper covers, violating its ethics rules. The Post is happy. (New York Post)

  • What's an election without concerns about electronic voting machines? Fortunately, New York demands a paper trail. (New York Times;

  • Adam Nagourney with a version of this year's hot political trend piece: Will 2006 be a Democratic mirror image of the Republican takeover of 1994? He focuses on party tactics rather than national mood and finds the opposition party with numerous impediments, from organization to message to Howard Dean's inability to raise money. (New York Times)

  • Say good-bye to Congressman Major Owens, who's stepping down after 24 years representing the 11th Congressional District. He's a little upset his son got blown out in the four-way war for his seat, but he's looking forward to finishing his play, Tom and Sally, about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hennings. (New York Daily News)

  • Green Party co-founder and perennial candidate Howie Hawkins is running for Senate and predictably attacks Hillary on health care and Iraq. (Finger Lakes Times)