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4:00 PM

Attack of the Day 

This Press Conference Is Rated ‘S’ for Scandal

Jeanine Pirro is the first candidate of the YouTube age. At the beginning of the week, few New Yorkers knew who she was. Thanks to Wednesday's press conference, she could be a viral phenom.

The only precedent for a political snuff film this grisly is the closed-hearing video of Bill Clinton testifying during the Lewinsky scandal. The footage of Pirro's press conference is grainy and disjointed, like surveillance conducted by a stalker with a cell phone. Yet the creepy noir of it all manages to induce sympathy for a person who seemed beyond it.

Pirro has made prosecuting "predatory" sex offenders the theme of her campaign, pushing the notion of a suburban family under siege from unseen evils. Those politics often seemed forced; now they seem scarily, if unintentionally, authentic. This is the best campaign ad Pirro could ever run. And it didn't cost a thing.

[Via The Daily Politics]