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9:45 AM


Trail Fever

  • Hevesi takes money from the dogs he's supposed to be watching. [NYDN]
  • Al's security team doubles up on state paychecks. [NYP]
  • National Republicans throw resources at Callaghan. Hevesi acknowledges he might lose. [Newsday]
  • Hillary shunned him, but Lieberman proves he's a mature adult, and an expedient politician, by endorsing her. [NYDN]
  • Rangel calls Cheney a "son of a bitch." Cheney's office responds, "The vice-president is, in point of fact, the spawn of a jackal." [NYP]
  • Bloomberg lives out every boy's dream by spending an afternoon standing around a train station with Joe Lieberman. [NYS]
  • Giuliani, McCain, and Mitt Romney (a.k.a. the Supremes) head to Detroit to stump for Republican gubernatorial candidate. [amNY]
  • Mario Cuomo's last big win. [NYT]
  • Terrible budget equals lies. [Newsday]
  • Joe Bruno promises he'll deploy total-jerk strategy against Spitzer if Eliot doesn't stop stumping for Democratic Senate candidates. [NYP]