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9:45 AM


Jersey, So Progressive. Hevesi, So Toast

  • Big hooray for Jersey's gays. [Star Ledger]
  • And here's some helpful context. [NYT]
  • Pataki returns from war-torn Hungary to get the ball rolling on Hevesi ouster. [NYDN]
  • Carter for Comptroller. [NYDN]
  • Young Republicans show up to mess with Hevesi's pre-debate mojo. [NY1]
  • Pirrotown cops back Cuomo. [NYP]
  • Bill "How You Like Me Now?" Clinton hits upstate. [Albany Times Union]
  • Spencer-Pirro scuffle reminds Republicans how screwed they are. [Newsday]
  • Spitzer, holding nose and whispering "he stanky," steps back from Hevesi. [NYT]
  • Newsday backs Callaghan. [Newsday]