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5:15 PM

Spot Check 

Lamont's Campaign Stays the Course

Ned Lamont has a new ad attacking Joe Lieberman's parroting of Bush's "stay the course" line on Iraq, potentially a very incisive idea.

Lamont's version tweaks a Democratic National Committee ad that strings together Bush, Cheney, and White House press secretary Tony Snow repeating the phrase in dead-eyed repetition with Lieberman pasted in as the Fourth Top, harmonizing on an endless version of "The Same Old Song." Lieberman has used the phrase numerous times in the last two years, but the ad only shows one instance, a 2004 presidential debate that's looped three times.

Edited into a seemingly endless reel of Bush and Cheney drilling their one note home like minimalist martinets, Lieberman's bit cameo seems like a passing coincidence, which is exactly what Joe has been trying to argue. The end — where Lieberman and Bush both swear off ever having used the phrase — is damning, but it's hard to tell if it's a dunk on Lieberman or the Lamont campaign going to the well one time too many, playing their favorite oldie for a final blast of catharsis before the big chill sets in.

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