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9:45 AM


No Choice

  • For Comptroller the Times endorses...[NYT]
  • And the Daily News backs....[NYDN]
  • Spitzer pulls support, and Hevesi's 40-point lead falls to within the margin of error. [NYDN]
  • Faso comes up with Spitzer-loves-Hevesi attack line just as Spitzer bails. [Albany Times Union]
  • Thinking big, Clinton wants to give Hillary the best 59th birthday present a girl could get: Congress! [NYDN]
  • Post-debate Hevesi opens up. [Newsday]
  • Men, women on the street differ on Hevesi scandal. [Newsday]
  • Republicans pounce on New Jersey gay marriage ruling like bigoted pumas. [NYT]
  • Corzine backs civil unions. [NYT]
  • Kean-Menendez in dead heat. [NYT]
  • Bring your raincoat and rations for a week or so to the polls. Schumer sees an electoral "tsunami" a brewin'. [NYP]
  • Fun of voting (i.e., pulling that big red lever) to be ruined by lame easily accessible new technology. [NY1]
  • Clinton would not get in the way of a New York gay-marriage law. [NYT]
  • Nice guy Andy. [NYT]