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9:45 AM


Baggers and Banquets

  • Times likes Lamont (again). [NYT]
  • Pinko Post endorses liberal Democrat for Gov. [NYP]
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. President. [NYDN]
  • Bill Clinton magic fingers on Cuomo. [NYDN]
  • Pirro hangs in the wind. [Newsday]
  • In leap of faith, religious leader endorses Pirro without meeting her. [NYT]
  • Callaghan's "Taxless Express" takes it to the street. [Newsday]
  • Meet Team Spitzer. [NYT]
  • Jersey gay-marriage debate recalls rich history of American bigotry. [NYT]
  • Obama outloots Hillary. [NYP]
  • Jagger endorses a Clinton. [NYDN]
  • In one upstate race, an island of decency amid a sea of filth. [Times Union]
  • Democrat Jack Davis more Republican than Republican Tom Reynolds. [Buffalo News]
  • Lieberman says if he wins, Democrats will hug him. [NYDN]
  • Election Day also zombie flick. [Rochester Democrat & Chronicle]