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9:45 AM


Accusations, Lies, Scandals, and a Parade

  • Crappy pen pal Al Sharpton writes Lieberman an "open letter" accusing him of — wait for it — race baiting! [NYDN]
  • Pirro on probe: This is way, way worse than my alien abduction. [amNY]
  • Guy who (allegedly) covered up pedophile scandal cancels appearance at (alleged) fund-raiser for guy who (allegedly) strangled his girlfriend. [Newsday]
  • At the Columbus Day parade, Cuomo gets Clinton, Pirro gets cops. [NYS]
  • Hevesi won't set time for comptroller's debate, citing "a ton of comptrolling I need to get done." [NYDN]
  • Ever smooth, Hill and Bill cook up slick non-position on same-sex marriage. [NYP]
  • Hillary and Chuck go ballistic over North Korean bomb tests. [NY1]