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1:15 PM


Cheney Pleads for Hillary '08

VP Dick Cheney contemplates just how long he can make
this war last if Hillary runs in 2008.Getty Images

Republicans. Boy, are they sneaky! Unless the Republican in question is Dick Cheney, in which case their intentions are baldly transparent. (Remember: "Boom! Mushroom Cloud! John Kerry! Death!")

Yesterday, Cheney told USA Today: "I think Hillary Clinton is a formidable candidate. I think she could win. I hope she doesn't. I disagree with her on nearly all the issues, but nobody should underestimate her. She's a very serious candidate for president."

Early and Often has translated this statement for those of you who don't speak Cheney: "Please nominate Hillary Clinton. Oh, God, oh, God, please. We know Democrats are stupid, but just in case you're not that stupid, let me stress again when I say 'she can win,' I really mean 'she has no chance of winning.' So please, pull the trigger on this insanely foolish idea and drive your little hybrid car off the cliffs of destiny."

Republicans long ago received the memo in which it was specified that whenever Hillary comes up, they are always supposed to act scared or deferential or whatever it takes to get her closer to giving an acceptance speech come mid-July 2008. Here in New York, conservative talk-show hosts were early adopters of this trend. Hillary-hate screeds from callers that would have met with barking approval in 1998 were tut-tutted in 2002 with sheepish admissions that although, yes, she is evil incarnate, you gotta admit she has been a decent senator for New York.

Now the trickle-up approach has reached all the way to the Veep. There's one higher-up left to endorse Hillary's candidacy. When will the other cowboy boot drop?

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