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5:53 PM

Spot Check 

Death and Taxes

The punch line of John Faso's new ad — "you can bank on the fact that Eliot Spitzer will raise your taxes, I will cut them" — is a little inside baseball. It riffs on Spitzer's own ad promising to cut taxes, which ends with Spitzer saying, "and you can take that to the bank." It isn't a phrase emblazoned on the minds of most New Yorkers, but it probably seems pretty universal if all you've been doing for the last three months is staying up nights watching Spitzer ads, reading of Spitzer doings, and occasionally scaring your attendants by yelling, "Damn that Spitzer! Damn his eternal soul!"

Excellent tax-cutting music though. Is this what Grover Norquist hears whenever he hits send on an e-press release from the Club for Growth?